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Yirgacheffé - medium/light body
Very elegant and balanced coffee with floral aromas leaving almost an impression of a flower perfume, giving way to distinct citrus and fruity notes.

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Yirgacheffé – medium/light body
Ethiopia is the birthplace of the coffee beans, which still grow wild there in resplendent diversity. In fact, it's the region's botanical variety that makes Ethiopian coffee so special, giving the beans a distinctive appearance and aroma — long and slightly curved, with a beautiful floral scent that reminds of a bouquet of blossoms. Our coffee comes from the region of the town Yirgacheffé (Irgachefe) in the Sidamo state in Central Southern Ethiopia from altitudes of around 1,900 m. East of Lake Abaya, we find special lots that best exemplify these qualities. Ethiopia 'Yirgacheffé' is among the finest washed Arabica, prepared in a fashion that enhances its uniquely refined flavours. Perfectly ripe cherries are picked and pulped the same day. Careful fermentation loosens the gelatinous fruit, and the coffee is then washed in high mountain waters. Cleansed beans are gently dried on raised beds, where farmers rotate them frequently to prevent any sun-scorching. This method produces a bright, tangy brew with peerless clarity of flavour. Its enchanting floral aroma leaves almost an impression of flower perfume, giving way to distinct citrus and fruity notes. 
Best for: Filter coffee
Bodiedness: * * *
Acidity: * * * * *
Aroma: * * * *
Taste: Distinct citrus and fruity notes
Best served as: Filter coffee