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Genuine Blue JAVA – full body
Elegant and smooth, with herbal and earthy notes and nuances of pepper, roasted nuts and bittersweet chocolate.

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Genuine Blue JAVA – full  body
The Dutch began the cultivation of coffee trees on Java when it was part of the Dutch East Indian Colonies in the 17th century, and coffee has been exported globally since. A rust plague in the late 1880s killed off a lot of the plantation stocks in Sukabumi, before spreading to Central Java and parts of East Java. Today Java's old colonial era plantations provide just a fraction of the coffee grown on the island, although it is primarily the higher valued Arabica variety. Java's Arabica coffee production is centralised on the Ljen Plateau, at the eastern end of Java, at an altitude of more than 1,400 m. The coffee primarily is grown on large estates built by the Dutch in the 18th century. The five largest are Blawan, Jampit, Pancur, Kayumas and Tugosari, covering in all more than 4,000 hectares. These estates transport ripe cherries quickly to their mills after harvest. The pulp is then fermented and washed off, using the wet process. This results in coffee with good, heavy body and a sweet overall impression. At their best, they are smooth and supple and sometimes have a delicate herbal note in the aftertaste. Java coffee is also prized as one component in the traditional Mocha Java blend, which pairs coffee from Yemen and Java. Each year Vee’s is choosing one of the best harvests from one of the five estate farms. Vee’s 'Genuine Blue Java' is a deep roast, elegant and smooth, full-bodied, with herbal and peaty notes and nuances of pepper, roasted nuts and bittersweet chocolate. 
Best for: Filter coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato
Bodiedness: * * * *
Acidity: * * * *
Aroma: * * * *
Taste: Herbal and earthy notes and nuances of pepper, roasted nuts and bittersweet chocolate
Best served as: Filter coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato

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