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JAMAICA "Blue Mountain"

Wallenford Estate - medium body
Jamaica 'Blue Mountain' coffee is very elegant and well balanced, medium bodied, with a sweet acidity and hints of nuts and pineapple. Genuine 'Blue Mountain' is certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica

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Wallenford Estate – medium body

Jamaica 'Blue Mountain' is the world’s most expensive coffee primarily due to increasing demand from Japan and China. The expression Blue Mountain refers to both, the coffee variety Blue Mountain, a natural mutation of the Typica variety, and the growing area on Jamaica. The Blue Mountain coffee variety is also cultivated in Kenya and on Papua New Guinea. On Jamaica the coffee is grown on the slopes of the so called Blue Mountains located on the eastern part of Jamaica at altitudes of 1,400 m – 1,600 m.

Best for: Filter coffee

Bodiedness: * * *
Acidity: * * * * *
Aroma: * * * * *
Taste: Sweet acidity and hints of nuts and pineapple
Best served as: Filter coffee