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New and Seasonal Products

HAWAII Ka'u Reserve
Paradise Mountain - full to medium body

hawaii_f_sls-medium.jpgKa'u is the most southern district of Hawaiian's Big Island also called Moku, located south-east of the district of Kona.   Vee's Paradise Mountain coffee beans are grown at a high elevation on the southern slopes of Mona Loa (4.170 m) one of the world's largest active volcanoes. At high elevations between 800 and 1.200 m the young volcanic soil is especially rich. We believe that at least since 2010 Ka'u coffee developed to one of the world's best coffees even outperforming Kona coffee in both, aroma and body. The coffee trees are organically fertilized which results in a fruity coffee with extremely low acidity and overwhelming natural flavours.
Vee's Ka'u Reserve - Paradise Mountain - is well balanced with fruity notes of apricot, plum, raspberry and wine, that are complemented with a depth accented by hazelnuts and sweet chocolate. 
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Best for:  Filter coffee, Espresso, Cappuc¬cino, Latte Macchiato. 
Medium body
We have been asked frequently to develop a medium bodied blend without compromising on the aroma, and which can be drunken more than one cup for breakfast. We decided on a blend of high grown giant been coffees which can be roasted at lower heat. Giant beans with less curvature pop up in a roaster at lower temperature while small beans with higher curvature require more heat. The most suitable giant beans are cultivated in Central-America. The coffee varieties are named (1) Arabica-Maragogype (elephant beans, an Arabica-Typica mutation discovered 1870), (2) Arabica-Pacamara (a hybrid of Arabica-Red-Maragogype and Arabica-Pacas (an Arabica-Bourbon mutation), 1958) and (3) Arabica-Typica. We believe that we have chosen the most suitable Arabica varieties for a very aromatic breakfast coffee to be drunken black or white. 
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Best for: Filter coffee
SPRESSO Roma *** Extra Fancy ***
Yellow Bourbon  - full body
Vee s Espresso 'Roma Yellow Bourbon - Extra Fancy' is a mild, well balanced Espresso with sweet flavours of vanilla, caramel and roasted nuts. This exclusive espresso blend is dominated by coffee beans of the Arabica Yellow Bourbon variety grown in the Cerrado region west of São Paulo and coffees from East Africa. The ripe coffee cherries of Yellow Bourbon are nor red but yellow. The smaller cherries are ripening slowly to collect plenty of sugar resulting in a naturally mild and sweet espresso.
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Best for: Filter coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato
*** Organic Wild Blue Mountain *** - full/medium body
Vee's 'Organic Wild Blue Mountain' is grown on the eastern part of the second largest island of the world. Blessed with rich volcanic soils and perhaps the most ideal climate for growing coffee, the island is divided into two territories the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya on the West and the country of Papua New Guinea, where this coffee comes from, on the East. The beans were originally imported from the famous Jamaica's Blue Mountain region in 1927. Indo-Pacific conditions proved to be immensely favourable to Jamaican coffee, producing a complete, complex cup that recalls the old Blue Mountain style. The volcanic soil of Papua New Guinea turns Jamaican Blue Mountain beans into one of the world s best coffees. We think its broad, mellow flavours, aromatic complexity, and medium to full body make it one of the world's absolute best. Vee's 'Organic Wild Blue Mountain' combines the crisp acidity and fruity notes of Caribbean coffee with the nutty flavours of Indonesian coffee. Vee's 'Organic Wild Blue Mountain'  has wonderful complex and fruity notes with nuances of nuts, mango and papaya medium to deep roast.
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Best for: Filter coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato
Sweet Pacamara - medium body
Historians claim that coffee was transferred from the Caribbean to El Salvador in 1740. El Salvador is recognized a keeper of heirloom varietals (mutation of the original coffee from Ethiopia and Jemen), with 68% of its coffee area grown to Bourbon, a Heirloom mutation from Réunion island around 1700, and 30% of Pacas variety, a natural Bourbon mutation, discovered in 1949.
The breeding of the Pacamara hybrid was masterminded inside the Genetics Depart-ment of the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) back in 1958, artificially cross-ing the Pacas (a natural mutation of Bourbon that appeared in El Salvador in 1949) and Red Maragogype (a mutation of Typica from Brazil) varietals at their fourth generation. After some 30 years evaluating, the ISIC began distributing the fifth generation of this particular hybrid to coffee growers.
Pacamara-coffeebeans are three to four times larger than regular coffee beans. The coffee is nicely medium-bodied. The flavor heavily depends on the roasting technique as large beans are tricky roasters. We at Vee s prefer a gentle but longer lasting roast. Vee s Sweet Pacamara develops fruity aroma of ripe oranges, brown sugar, caramel and sweet chocolate.
Vee s Sweet Pacamara can be prepared as coffee or as a mild Espresso with a natural fruity sweetness enhanced by chocolate overtones. 
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Best for: Filter coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato 
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